Humidity Chamber

Humidity Chamber uses the imports of compressors which are international famous brands, and the internationally renowned refrigeration parts, thus ensuring the performance and stability of the refrigeration system.

The chamber body used is the non-magnetic Stainless Steel ANSI 304 grade quality of 20 SWG stainless steel , so with a beautiful and graceful appearance.

Multiple security protection: protection of high pressure refrigerant, and compressor overload protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, creep age protection, short circuit protection, overpressure protection of Compressor, overheating protection of Compressor, overheating protection of Fan, over temperature protection of Box, Phase sequence / lack protection, Hydroponic protection & Dry combustion protection etc.

Applicable Standards: JSS-55555 and IS: 9000 Part – XI, IS 6910, JIS 2371, QM333, IEC-68, ASTM B-117.
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