Dust Test Chamber

Sand & Dust Chambers provide an environment to test the exposure of automotive and electronic components to concentrated levels of dust in order to validate product seal integrity.Pulses of compressed air are blown through a manifold located in the bottom of a collection trough, forcing dust up and over the product.Air pulses are time-programmed for “on” and “off” cycles. Concentration of dust can be easily varied by changing the air pressure and the amount of the blowing time.

All dust chambers are designed to meet common test methods such as IS, IEC, JIS etc.

Standard Features

  • Two Digital Timers
  • Coalescing & Particulate Filters
  • Exhaust with Cleanable Filter
  • 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Interior
  • Full-Opening Front Loading Door
  • 3” Thick Foam Insulation
  • Casters