Salt Spray Chamber

The inner and external non-magnetic Stainless Steel ANSI 304 grade quality of 20 SWG ; Corrosion resistant, shock resistant, easy launder, no leakage phenomenon. Tower (or baffle) spray, salt spray evenly distributed, the settlement of the free adjustment of the nozzle without crystallization, double pressure adjustment. Over-temperature protection; continuous cycle spray or optional, excluding air compressor.

The salt-mist chamber which tests corrosion resistance ability of the product, after painting, dope, galvanization, anodic treatment, rust prevention and so on to surface treatments for various materials. It is a corrosion test method which can spray the sodium chloride solution onto coated electroplating by atomizing spurts using in the salt Spray Chamber.

The spray column attaches the cone-shape diffuser, has the mist guidance, the adjustment atomization quantity and the atomization uniformity. Selects automatic or the manual watering method, the water level when makes up the water automatically, can the automatic control water level, guarantee water level balance, when water level insufficiency sends out the warning signal.