Thermal Shock Chamber

The design, the control system and the operation of the test chamber have been revised to provide the user with a testing system that is the best possible in every respect. This is true for a great variety of technical and practical details as well as the price/performance ratio, whereby we gave equal weight to capital investment and operating costs.

In conjunction with the software package Eurotherm 2704 an extremely uncomplicated simulation management system is available that ensures complete documentation and management of complex test series.

Environmental conditions have a considerable effect on the function and the reliability of electronic components, devices and systems.

International standards and test specifications define the test performances for standard applications, e. g. in the electronics and automobile industries as well as in the aerospace industries.

The main purpose of temperature shock tests is to determine, 

  • If sudden temperature changes have an influence on the specimen’s long term function,
  • If safe operation of the specimen is still guaranteed after sudden temperature changes.